HKU POP Exit Polls suspended?

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    HKU POP Exit Polls suspended?

    Not sure if I'm reading this article correctly, but seems like HKU POP is going to delay the results of the exit polls as they've been used in the past to create surges for candidates who might need support.

    Have read a couple of badly translated (by google trnaslate) articles where several parties are holding back banks of supporters and will release them to vote strategically in the last couple of hours.

    University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme director Robert Chung Ting-yiu also said that while his organization will be sending 50 students to various polling stations on Sunday, POP will not analyze or publish the results.

    Chung had earlier announced that the university will suspend, for the the first time, its exit poll for Sunday's Legislative Council elections.
    I officially declare this election an f'ing mess.

    Chung said it was not worthwhile continuing with the exit poll on Sunday after considering the resources available, the possible problems the interviewers would encounter and how the polling results will be used at the end.

    Describing the current political situation as the most difficult he has faced in his 25-year career, Chung said there have been attacks on polling organizations such as HKU from "those very close to the top leader."
    Top pollster hits out at inaction on 'juggling' - The Standard

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    the neutrality of HKU POP had been questioned this year since it receive sponsor from a pan dem orgainzation ' Power for Democracy' , nowtv and cable tv had stopped sponsoring HKU POP and disclose its figure