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Jan 2020 - Protest News and Discussions

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    Whoops wrong thread.

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    Second Yuen Long attack in day light, surprising what was big news and a turning point few months ago is hardly in forefront today..

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    We now return back to regular programming...

    Kong Tsung-gan

    Police attacks at Prince Edward MTR occurred 5mo ago today. Tonight people gather to commemorate. Police have already cleared bouquets of remembrance flowers 9 times, tho it’s no crime to leave them. Still people keep laying them.

    At Prince Edward MTR where 5mo ago today police beat citizens, people shout, ‘Black cops, show some patriotism & go back to Wuhan!

    Police detaining many on Mong Kok Rd pedestrian bridge & at foot of bridge. Maybe 30 to 40 people altogether. Unclear whether they're just stop&searching or preparing to arrest. The people don't appear to have been engaged in any activity that could be construed as illegal.

    Police now have entire bridge under lockdown & are preventing reporters from going near detainees. It appears the number of detainees may exceed 40, as they're standing side by side all along the bridge & there are more down below. These mass detentions are arbitrary.

    Police have just appeared to let the detainees on the bridge go. Can't tell if any were arrested. I counted 71 leaving the bridge. Add the people on the ground & the police appear to have arbitrarily detained upwards of 100.

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    For some odd reason they didn't appear to grab their quota of cockroaches back to their lair this time but left it at mere intimidation.

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