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Fluhan - Medical Supplies, Groceries & Other Shortages

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    I haven’t been reading this thread but I want to share a couple of info that could be useful. Apologies if this has already been covered.

    First, we were able to buy these 3M masks at a hardware store in Wellington street.

    They don’t sell recharge of filters though. They work well but are obviously uncomfortable to use for the whole day, we use them for commuting. Then we change into the regular surgical masks.

    It’s good to have them in case we completely run out of surgical masks.

    Second, about our ever decreasing surgical masks stock. My husband had a (great?) idea to make them reusable for a few more times: he bought a portable UV light sterilizer, the one people use for baby bottles. It’s a small box, something like this, but they come in every size.

    60 seconds in there and the surgical mask is ready to be used again. It kills viruses.

    Not sure how many times exactly can we sterilize a surgical mask before it starts to deteriorate. If anyone knows more about it, please do illuminate us.
    Also you can put in the uv sterilizer the big 3M mask. Or your phone, wallet or whatever else you want to be clean of virus and bacteria at the end of the day.

    As I type this I realize I sound like a crazy germaphobe... I am not (that’s what all the crazy ones say, I know). I have never washed an apple before eating it in my whole life, but this situation requires a different approach, I think.
    Anyway, I hope my husband is right and the uv sterilizer can help with the mask shortage.

    That’s all folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumbler:
    can you use vodka spray when you can't find rubbing alcohol? lol
    Locals would say no as vodka is only 40% proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Hunter:
    Locals would say no as vodka is only 40% proof.
    Create a solar still and up the %

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    Quote Originally Posted by aw451:
    Yes, they can use up the slack that was in the system but they aren't going to invest in more equipment for a once-in-a-decade occurrence.
    Well, well...

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    This ad that appears on Geoexpat for masks is legit, they are a local client of ours that makes heated hiking wear, they ordered in a large supply of masks- yes, crazy expensive at 599 HKD but I need supply for office so I bit the bullet. Says delivery on Tuesday- they had sent us an e-mail yesterday that the supply was here. Anyway, I am giving it a try, I do think they will come. I feel responsible to have masks for employees, at any price...

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    Fusion NOW !!! United centre/Admiralty not over priced - but going quickly !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByeByeEngland:
    Fusion NOW !!! United centre/Admiralty not over priced - but going quickly !!!
    That's our go-to place and they seem to get a shipment every morning. Very dependable.

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    Is there a real underlying shortage of loo roll? If so why? How many loo rolls can the average family in Hong Kong use in a week?

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    Hurry up, only 1 left!!!. At only $994.99 USD! it's a steal and free shipping to Hong Kong included.

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