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Covid-19: Boris Johnson Hospitalized

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyhook
    I just cannot agree with your post, as from my experience having been a patient with very malignant hypertension, in public and private hospital care in HKG, if I had remained being treated there, I would have either had a pretty debilitating stroke or worse, died! Thank fark we left HKG when we did, because the difference in the accuracy of prognosis when it came to my condition was chalk and cheese.

    While we are on the subject about hospitals, I must admit the difference in quality in nearly every respect is incredibly different. I immensely disliked going to hospital in Hong Kong it was just a shitfully irritating experience 95% of the time.

    Lets look at Hospital food, I was amazed how good the food was served in hospitals here in Queensland, slightly better than hot airline food and the periodic drink cart lady that brought magazines, offering either a cold or hot drink during morning, afternoon tea and for supper. Oh and if you have your family with children visiting, which they can do all day till 8pm daily, the fresh ham and cheese or chicken sandwiches they offer them all for free !
    All this was paid for by medicare btw Which I can thank the Labour Whitlam/Hawke Labour Government for engineering such an effective and socially fair system of public healthcare that we all enjoy now.

    Now, having spent 10 days in April 2018 in CCU over here, lead by a team of 5 shit hot doctors that knew exactly what to do, who streamlined my medical treatment to a degree that HKG just had no fucking clue what they were dealing with.

    Then there is the after patient care I have received ever since. When they set appointments for me to attend, ( monthly) I rock up at the appointment 15 minutes early, and have never waited in the small specialists waiting room for more than 30 minutes to be seen, no waiting rooms filled with 100's of people like HK where you have to wait 2 - 3 hours!

    Sorry, there is absolutely no contest, in how very different both systems operate, the HK Hospital system is mediocre at best in a very over subscribed, bog stock standard sense. I would say the average public hospital patient here gets a vastly better experience than any private concern in HK too.

    My opinion based on 4 years of HK hospital treatment and 2 years worth here in Queensland.
    I hear you :sorry to hear your experience
    I guess it's all that dim sum the old dears here eat keeping then alive not cardiac cancer risk control in the public system where 95percent get care
    Anyway having experience medial system Australia/ UK and Hong Kong : with corona about I am sure grateful I'm in Hong Kong : experience counts : our figures beat anyone's Aussie include : the Aussie doctors aren't doing to badly though I have to say : their test centres need some organising though : and their ppe aren't up to scratch because they don't. Practice practice practice like all the doctor here since sars do : now the staff there get the picture I am sure hospital staff infection will be less common

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