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3rd Dose For Everyone - 1/1/22 & After Effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabalong:
    What's with the limited BionNTech availability on Hong Kong Island?

    Gleneagles has limited capacity so booked up fast. Only other option is all the way out in Sai Wan Ho.

    The government closed Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre on the eve of expanded 3rd dose eligibility.

    How does it make sense to narrow options and make it less convenient when you're trying to push it to more people?
    I was surprised too. Only two options on the island and one is fully booked. That left only Sai Wan Ho available so I booked there. Limited options also in Kowloon. Very different situation from our last BioNTech booking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrit:
    He pulls it out of his arse. He has been continuously wrong for almost two years now, its best to treat his bullshit he with the contempt it deserves. Any fool can be right on 50% of the issues but it takes a special talent to manage to be right 0% of the time
    Still once he goes to prison for stabbing someone in the eye then we will have a respite. Though probably all the court will rise up in support of his argument and he will be carried out on their shoulders not only a free man but with the Nobel.Prize for Science.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    You can search for private doctors clinics here.. there are a few options available. And the Sai Wan Ho sports center seems to have plenty of bookings available.
    Oh, didn't realize private doctors were doing BioNTech too. Can't be bothered though at this point to figure out the logistics on that. Just booked in for Sai Wan Ho and mainly just want to grumble on the nonsensicalness of having the only community centre location being at the far extremity of the island.
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