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‘Campaign’ season

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    Quote Originally Posted by East_coast:

    Chief Secretary John Lee said...

    foreign agents

    attempting to deliberately obstruct... election

    "destructive forces" in the SAR

    anti-China disruptors

    "Destructive forces are inciting others not to vote or to cast blank votes, because they are shut out from Legco and they don't want this election to succeed," Lee wrote.

    crack down on destructive forces

    these forces

    many foreign agents still lurk in the SAR

    deliberately obstructing the successful implementation of the poll.

    "because they are shut out from Legco"?

    Pardon me, but... what?

    Wasn't it CY "689" Leung who first started blaming "foreign forces" for Hongkongers' unhappiness when CCP denied Hong Kong the universal suffrage and "Hongkongers ruling Hong Kong" that the CCP itself (before Dada of course) had solemnly promised?

    Now, "because they are shut out from Legco"? Who the fsck are these mighty "foreign forces"?
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