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Jan 2022 - COVID-19 Omicron wave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MABinPengChau:
    Press briefing at 3:30 PM, not gonna miss that...
    I'm sure Prudence will be attending!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rathunt:
    A pilot friend of mine told me they spray the airplane wheels when it pulls up to a stop in the mainland. And these people are our masters...
    Not only that, they spray the inside of your luggage and your clothes:
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    Will pet owners who don't hand over the hamsters be in violation of any laws? If the animals are infected with Pakistan virus why are we putting them down? Why not other person sick in the shop? Can hamsters be vaccinated (Economic Times)?

    Should cats and dogs be euthanized?

    Answer: Euthanizing ALL hamsters after December 22nd since hamsters can be infected with covid- can spread to other animals and humans. There are about 2000 hamsters in this group- we need to strike a balance between risk and animal lives. We need to be safe, after consulting experts, we made the decision to put down the hamsters.

    This pakistan delta also exists in Europe (implication is Netherlands hamsters bring in Delta).

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    Maybe they could try culling all the students
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    Mei Foo exit A (the supposedly 9-second transmission between the two Delia kids and a kindergarten teacher) has not been placed under a CTN (unlike the segment of pavement in SSP), but instead... robots

    (From facebook)

    On and a PR spray stunt

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    The trouble is there are far too many people buying into the bullshit

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