A spokesman for the EDB said, "Starting from February 24, except for those exempted (e.g. those who are unfit for vaccination due to health reasons), all teaching and non-teaching staff, persons providing on-campus services and visitors of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools (including special schools and their boarding sections, and schools offering non-local curriculum), and private schools offering non-formal curriculum (commonly known as 'tutorial schools'), will be required to present vaccination records of at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to their entry into school premises.

"In addition, teachers and school staff directly employed by schools who have received only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine should receive the second dose of vaccination during the period within eight weeks after February 24, that is, have received the second dose before April 21."

For those exempted personnel who have not had vaccination, they are still required to conduct COVID-19 tests once every three days. The specimens must be obtained from combined nasal and throat swabs, and not collected through self-testing kits.