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Love most of what you say but the timeline, not so much. Mainland gears change incredibly slowly and I think a lot of people missed the fact that China may have already blinked. In that, the law is APPROVED to be written. How long that takes and how long it takes to get put into Art 23 remains to be seen. Typical CCP posturing and reality takes it's sweet time to emerge.

For me, I'll give it a year because like lots of others we wait to see if the US gets The Orange out and if it does ( of course it will ) then grown ups will be in charge and things will change. China cannot afford any fight with the US and vice versa, it makes no economic sense. So hence my year thinking.
I don't know anyone here who was here pre-97 in the lead up to the handover. Anyone have a comparative insight? @GreenCatalonia?