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Alibaba: Anyone seen Jack?

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    Is Jack Ma gonna be like another Steve Jobs?

    Steve Jobs:
    -made a fortune in Apple
    -got ousted by shareholders
    -apple gets driven to the ground
    -shareholders recruit Jobs back as CEO
    -Jobs gets rehired dumps his enemies in the company and apple resurges to top spot

    Jack Ma:
    -makes a fortune in Alibaba
    -gets taken down by CCP
    -loses fortune and now tries to become a teacher?
    -alibaba is going down the drain with ccp mismanagement, will they bring Jack Ma back?
    - will Jack Ma purge the crappy management of Alibaba?

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    in Japan - again

    Hello teacher ...

    Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma is starting a teaching position in Japan as the Chinese entrepreneur begins to reassume a public profile after largely disappearing from view during Beijing’s crackdown on tech.

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