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No more picking quarrels?

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    Don’t worry, rowdyism is the old and new catchword

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    Is leading lawyer the same as the expert..

    I guess it's better than naught if they agree to adopt it but sometimes I seriously wonder if people incl their own PRC Chinese really get this whole thing which hasn't changed at all since Mao. The phrase politically motivated should not even apply to China, that kind of critique can only come from the pov of someone who thinks with a democracy preset that China can choose to adopt when in fact it is completely missing in China - function unavailable.

    The national education doesn't need 30 minutes. It's very simple. People's Republic of China - People's security is top (not people with the small p) and to achieve this, the sole fundamental task as No 2 is political security - this doesn't mean guarding against likely threats that might endanger political security. This means upholding as a priority over all else regime security, ideology security. State OVER family, you are expected to turn your own family in - it's somewhere in there in their whatever documents of whatever. So whenever I see Chinese or their hunted politicians and elite running off to some other country for extradition immunity crying foul when it suddenly becomes unfavorable for them, its just >.< The PRC Chinese persona isn't the same as the prc individual who's your friend or spouse or relative. I have friends from China too and they are all perfectly nice ppl when you get them individually. But they are all part of that PRC Chinese persona very willing and active subscribers of it and you won't ever be able to criticize that w/o some of it going back to them.

    So for those who are doing their own thing, guarding their daily lifestyles against encroachment is honestly what most of us can manage at best. Will this really move mountains in long run, imo not at all cuz China's been around for what.. decades.. and centuries before that.

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