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HKU Vice Chancellor Peter Mathieson resigns

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    This is either a retirement, pressure from the authorities or a simple "I'm not dealing with this shit anymore".

    I get the feeling that it's a little of all three, which is a shame because he was very fair towards the students considering how most of them were calling for him to resign.

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    Unusually harsh words from Mike Chugani - who in my opinion is trying way too hard over the last several months, to justify the presence of his column.

    Peter Mathieson doesn’t deserve Hong Kong. That’s what I say. Everyone is aghast that he’s prematurely quitting as University of Hong Kong vice-chancellor for a similar job at the University of Edinburgh. But so what? Our academic freedom thrived long before we ever heard of him and it’ll survive long after he’s gone.

    His exact words in quitting were: “There are very few universities in the world that could have tempted me to leave HKU but Edinburgh is one of them.” Translation: HKU sucks compared to Edinburgh. That makes him an opportunist.
    And I'm sure Chugani would quit his column at the SCMP if any other dead tree rag offered him a little bit more security and cash.

    Vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson does not deserve Hong Kong | South China Morning Post
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    Or in this case probably little less cash with more autonomy to do his job, not an easy job to work under psychopath boss..

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    Chugani has become completely unhinged during the past few years.