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Screaming passengers vs Demented Minibus Driver

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    Anybody who is directly responsible for the lives of others, as part of their job duty, should receive regular health checks for both their body and mind.

    These drivers should be regularly retested for competence on the road, too.

    This video is barely worse than I have experienced in a mini bus...Random lane swaying, crossing double white lines, meandering into the no stopping area on expressways, zero consideration for other drivers, I can safely assume no use of mirrors and indicators.

    I do hope this was nothing more than a reckless driver (not a stroke or mental illness), but there needs to be more done. There won't be...just look at all the accidents and problems over the last X years, but there needs to be.

    Put your seatbelts on if they work.

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    Standard Hong Kong conflict resolution: blame first, blame second, blame once more, walk away waggling index finger behind you.

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    Experienced a similar incident a couple of years ago on a minibus from Mongkok to Diamond Hill. The driver was really speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, very frightening. The passengers on board were shouting at him. He was shouting back. My wife told me the driver was just swearing at the passengers. Some other passengers got off when we did and said they were going to report him. To whom I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckster007
    Green minibus drivers average age is 60 yrs old some of the green minibuses in Chai Wan area that I have been on are ticking time bombs, not even sure how they can continue driving, some look like they could suddenly die while driving
    I can attest to this. The most violent thing I've witnessed in Hong Kong was the automatic door of a minibus opening. The speed and sound it made was impressive.

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