Siamese/Oriental Kittens?

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    Siamese/Oriental Kittens?

    I am moving to Hong Kong this summer and would like to get a Siamese or Oriental kitten as a buddy for the Oriental cat I am bringing with me. I've searched the net for breeders in Hong Kong and can't find a single Siamese/Oriental cat breeder listed. Are these breeds readily available in Hong Kong, perhaps at pet stores?

    Any information you might have about the availability of these breeds would be much appreciated!


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    Siamese in Hong Kong

    As I know, not much siamese breeder in Hong Kong, but i recently find a few siamese kitten avaiable in pet shop in Mongkok, you can ry it.

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    Try the SPCA in Wanchai.
    They have many, many kittens for adoption. I would avoid the small pet-shops...often the kittens are badly treated and poorly raised from these pet-shops. There have been many cases of health problems and/or kittens dying.

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    Hello, I was wondering if you ever found out where to find a breeder for Oriental cats? My partner and I have been looking for awhile but can't seem to find breeders in Hong Kong.