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Adopting a cat?

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    Adoption of cat in most of the Charity organisation in HK requires home visit.

    Also you are staying in high floor, they will also request for you to have cat safety net to be installed as they fear the cat may fall.

    I agree that if you are to adopt, you should make sure your place is safe for the cat as it may get attracted to the birds flying around and jump down accidentally.

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    Tere is a need to clarify what you mean by "area." You live in a 1800 sq ft apartment. does area mean a single room? or the entire apartment except for selected rooms.

    Eg. My wife and I have two cats, and the only room they are not allowed in is the bathroom (they love playing with make up, perfume and aftershave). otherwise, ther est of our apartment (700 sq ft) is a cat friendly area....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeChatNoir:
    Where do you get cat nets??
    I'm afraid they are not sold in HK, I couldn't find them at least. I bought them in one of European online pet stores. My friend brought it when she was coming to visit me in HK, but some of those stores send things to HK too.

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    pet nets will help with the window and balcony issues. The shelters in HK also try to make sure that the cat is a good fit for you before it goes home with you. They want the pet to be as happy as you are. Adoption is the way to go!

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