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    I've been taking my cats and dogs to Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic for a few years. There are a few vet specialized in different areas, and couple of them in ophthalmology. They even have acupunture for pets, their own MRI centre right next door. Here's the link for their website: http://www.peaceavevet.com.hk/pavc_openpage_c.html

    Hope it helps. =D

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    Hi thewongs,

    It looks like you have been given a few good leads in this thread. However, not meaning to split hairs, but do be aware that (to my knowledge) there are no "registered" veterinary opthalmologists in HK. There are a few vets with a very decent background in opthalmology (such as the ones mentioned in this thread, and quite a few more), but sadly none are specialists (yet!). In saying that, almost all eye cases can be dealt with by the talent in HK, and as I mentioned before, we do get a visiting/touring specialist coming over to see "special" cases.

    When it comes to finding a "good" vet, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. Most important of all is who you like. Most vets are just as capable as the next - it seems to be more related to personal choice who you call a "good" vet.

    Generally speaking, find a practice that is convenient to you, and that you like. If they cannot deal with something, they will refer you to someone who can.



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    where are you?

    Thanks VetinHK. I know certified vet ophth are far and few between. I feel pretty lucky that we lived in NYC where you can find just about every type of specialist if you need one. I was hoping to find one but using a vet that specializes should be fine.

    Just wondering what area is your office in?