dog's DNA crystallisation

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    dog's DNA crystallisation


    i just watch channel news asia's programme "Every Dog has its day"

    i came across the place where they crystallize the dogs' DNA ( i think is its saliva) into a tube pendant.. does anybody has any ideas where the place is???

    and where is the animal clinic where they subscribe chinese medication to the dogs?? anybody have any idea where the address is???

    and i be visiting Hong kong soon.. anybody has any recommendation to which pet shops i should visit???

    thanks in advance.. really hope i can get the address of these places....



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    honestly, i think the DNA thing is a rip off. when our dog died last year, we had her cremated and the place offered so many services to 'remember' your pet. one of them is this DNA thing. they take your dog's DNA and place it in a pendant. it's a clear holder w/ a drop of liquid in it - someth'g to wear around your neck?

    there are couple of chinese herbalist/accupuncturist for pets around the city, licenced & un-licenced - they are NOT vets. is there any specific illness that u want to look into?? i tried a herbalist in wanchai last year; couldn't help my dog but heard have helped others. her own pommeranian is 18+ yrs old (not sure if it's still around).

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