Hi there!

I used to live with a friend in Australia, and we have both moved back by now. My friend used to own a Cocker Spaniel, and it is now living with our neighbour in Australia temporarily. In fact, my friend is now giving the dog up for a number of reasons, and my personal circumstances do not allow me to take care of the dog either. But I love the dog very much, and so I would like to see if anyone in Hong Kong is interested in adopting it.

The cocker spaniel is 4 year old now. He was born and grew up in Australia, and has been attending training school for some time. He is pretty quiet, and would become very active when you play with him. He has had all his needles, is microchipped, and would be transported from Australia to your door for free if you can provide him a good home. The only thing that I ask for is to be able to visit him from time to time.

Please leave a message as well as your contact if your are interested.

A sad friend of the cocker spaniel