Just a quick thank you to those who have sent emails and suggestions regarding the fate of 'Coffee' (compassionate plea to save abandoned dog). Fortunately Coffee has been offered a home with a lovely, patient gentleman and she is doing well in her new surroundings. She has two large gardens to run around in and the company of five other rescued dogs. She has already made a good friend.
A particular thank you to Sheila who has been of tremendous help and support.
I would also like to plead with those who are thinking of getting a dog or pet to try one of the local organisations below as they do a fantastic job and have my utmost respect:

Lamma Animal Protection http://www.lap.org.hk

Hong Kong Dog Rescue http://www.hongkongdogrescue.com

SPCA http://www.spca.org.hk

Many of these sites have links to other organisations as well.

Thanks you to everyone!