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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicknoted:
    Thank you everyone for giving me so many advices. I will get right on it. Hope I can get Sparky over to HK in time. Many thanks

    ooo by the way the pet transport guys said the service including
    - Airfare
    - Administrative Fee
    - USDA Endorsements
    - Airport Shuttle
    - Import Permit
    Total: $1,450

    Is that a high price?
    I take that the price is in US dollars? Well, my mum did the research for me to transport my dog from Spore and it's going to cost about SIN$2000 and so I guess the price that you were quoted is probably a reasonable rate

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    We just transported 2 dogs to HK from Los Angeles. We used Wish You Were Here for the importing and their partner, Universal Pet Travel in LA for the exporting. The total cost for us was $4000 USD of which $1400 was airfare. (both dogs shared one extra large crate).

    After reading one person's horror story in these forums with Cathay Pacific, I would highly recommend spending the extra $ and using professionals. The poster's experience, while terrible, is not really the fault of the airline, IMO, but because professional agents were not hired. (If you havent read the post, you should). Our agent in LA tracked our dogs until they were on the plane and would have picked them up and accompanied them if there was a delay. We used Cathay and service was excellent. Our dogs were a little rattled by the 15hr flight, but they were back to normal within a day.