Moving my indoor cats to Hong Kong

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    Moving my indoor cats to Hong Kong

    Hi all,

    My wife, child and I are moving to HK this coming Feb. We currently live in California and have two lovely Bengal cats, they are indoor cats and have never been outside.

    We are planning on bringing them to HK, and I think they will adjust well to life in a flat.

    But are their restrictions on which buildings you can have cats in? Are building owners difficult regarding cats? Or is it just dogs they would like to avoid having in the flats?

    We plan to live on the island, in the mid-levels area.


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    Nobody has experience with cats and renting high-rise flats?

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    I think it's usually dogs ( especially barking dogs) that property owners have a problem with.

    I think your best approach is to ask the estate agents if cats are ok.

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    that's right. each property has different regulations.
    and you may want to consider balcony restrictions so that your cats don't drop off

    pls also consider that your cats will have to undergo quarantine.

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    You should have no problems bringing the cats here.

    Incidentally there should not be quarantine coming from the US if you follow the import guidelines correctly! The most important thing (and most time sensitive one) is the rabies vaccination and to follow the HK guidelines properly.

    As with any rental, sometimes the owner won't allow pets. But I have yet to have an issue with that. HK is stuffed full of pets (or so it seems) and they must all be living somewhere!

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    Excellent, thank you!

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    Yeesh im not sure whats going on here anymore/ But no your cats don't need to go into quarantine (moderator please stay awake here Bb) its absolutely not required i'm sorry for the shockingly bad responses here but remember this is HK.

    Yes you caN BRING YOUR KITTIES AND you can let them live in any flat or apartment you want , you don't have to tell the land lord at all.

    Pleas be assured your kittens are welcome here both of them/ No one really cares just make sure they are up to date with immunizations and make sure they have a crate with their favorite toys and take one or two of your t-shirts and put them in as well, kitties will like that. And other than that I think just kiss em when they leave. They will be fine. Make it a dog crate (a bit more expense), but they will have more room to be kitties.

    Bless them and good luck. Please just do the simple things HFD require its not much, i've done it all before. Kitties will be fine and love it here, hmmmmmm yess they can carry on being the sweetest kitties. if you want bring in you luggage all kitty thinds everything they have ever touched, hey but that makes a world of difference.
    Love kitty love

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    Definitely not for this absolutely irresponsible post.
    I hope you don't hold pets, poor creatures.

    Just disregard what he wrote above.
    My cat has been through quarantine, in general it is required but depending where your cats come from the set of regulations might be different.
    They are very strict on cats from China.

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    also do read about procedures and cost of bringing your pets back with you.

    there's many incidences where pets are brought in to HK, but after a few years - they are not able to bring them back with them for several reasons like cost, pets too old, pets are sickly, owners moving to another different country etc etc.

    it's sad if these pets are not able to travel onward with their owners. some are abandoned, a few lucky ones get re-homed.

    just saying - it's heartbreaking to see pets flown all the way to HK, and left behind after a few years.