Any Dog Friendly Apartments in HK?

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    Any Dog Friendly Apartments in HK?

    We are thinking of moving our family (three kids under 12 and a Labrador Retriever pupply) from NY to HK for about 2 years. Does The Repulse Bay or other apartments on the South side of the island permit dogs? What places are good for US expatriates with a dog?

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    Quite a few places do allow dogs.

    I am sure I have seen people with dogs at the Repluse Bay.

    Generally, it is better on the south side, discovery bay etc for more outdoors given Golden ret. need lots of outdoor time.

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    Here's a list of dog friendly apartments, etc. from the Accommodation forum.

    There are some places in Repulse Bay that allow dogs. Not sure about 101 Repulse Bay apartments. Happy Valley is pretty dog and expat friendly. Some of the buildings are older, but if they are recently-renovated, they can be nice. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you want to spend commuting, some other places on HK island to look are Shouson Hill, Stanley, and Parkview. There are a decent number of expats with kids in each of these areas.

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    To make things easier...I copied from the last post of List of Dog Friendly Apartments

    1) Carribean Coast, Tung Chung
    2) Park Island, Ma Wan
    3) Noble Hill, Sheung Shui
    4) Lei Shun Court, Causeway Bay
    5) High Cliff/The Summit, Mid-Levels
    6) Branksome, Mid-Levels
    7) The majority of older apartments and houses in Kowloon Tong.
    (8) The majority of older apartments in Waterloo Road Hill.
    (9) Hilton Plaza, Shatin
    (10) Houses and apartments in Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po.
    (11) Fairview Park, Yuen Long
    (12) Bel-Air, Cyberport
    (13) Sham Wan Towers, Ap Lei Chau
    (14) Grand Promenade, Sai Ho Wan
    (15) The Merton, Kennedy Town
    (16) Manhattan Heights, Kennedy Town
    (17) Kingston Building (on the corner of Kingston and Paterson), Causeway Bay
    (18) Paterson Building (on Paterson), Causeway Bay
    (19) Ventris Place, Happy Valley
    (20) Raceview Apartments, Happy Valley
    (21) Star Crest, Admiralty
    (22) Broom Garden, Happy Valley
    (23) Villa Lotto, Happy Valley
    (24) Hawthorn Garden, Happy Valley
    (25) Village Terrace, Happy Valley
    (26) Fortuna Court, Happy Valley
    (27) San Francisco Tower, Happy Valley
    (28) Blue Pool Mansion, Happy Valley
    (29) Vivian Court, Happy Valley
    (30) Happy Mansion, Happy Valley
    (31) The Grandville, Fo Tan (Shatin)