Da bird & cat dancer & mylar balls

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    Da bird & cat dancer & mylar balls

    Im looking for the cat toys "Da bird" & "cat dancer" & "mylar balls"
    please suggest where i can purchase!!
    Many thanks for your help : )

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    I haven't seen either Da Bird or Cat Dancer in HK. As far as I know Da Bird isn't sold here at all, and may not even be exported at the moment. BUT...I've been able to find them on ebay. It's the only place I know to buy these particular toys. The owner of the ebay store is willing to ship to Hong Kong. Check this out:

    As for balls, I wouldn't spend too much money looking for particular balls. There's a couple of easy alternatives:
    1/ crumbled up piece of paper or aluminum foil
    2/ ping-pong balls...you can find them anywhere and cats generally LOVE them. JUSCO $10 store has them
    3/ "fluffly" balls...JUSCO $10 store again