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Send dog to HK from Toronto DON"T USE SKY KENNEL!

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    Send dog to HK from Toronto DON"T USE SKY KENNEL!

    If you plan to send your dog to HK through Air Canada, don't use the kennel company posted on their website. Sky Kennel. You'd think they are linked up to AC's website, they must be credible. Turns out that I purchased a kennel for my dog online, but after 3 weeks, I still haven't received my kennel. So I tried to call them using the phone numbers provided on skykennel's website. The local one 519 was not in service, so I called the toll free number, it's always the voice message system. So far, I've left an email and a voice message, they never replied. And they've already got my money when I checked my credit card bill, and more so, it's $30 more than what was stated on my online order form. It's no different from a scam.

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    So dispute the charge with your credit card company!

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    Hey there,

    I'm sending my dog from Vancouver to HK and was fully planning on purchasing the kennel that is linked from AC!!! thanks for the heads up!! I'd love to hear how your experience has been with this... You must have an entry certificate already? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, as me and dog won't be moving to hk till june to meet my hubby.

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    Also had a terrible experience with them. We moved our cats from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Ordered the kennels through them and never got them, never heard a thing. Phone numbers didn't work. Completely terrible! Avoid!

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    Unfortunately, I read this 5 hours too late!! I just bought one today thinking that it will save me the worrying if the size will fit the guidelines! SKY KENNEL SUPPLY is a scam... i suddenly realized that there are no refund policy on the website. In addition, the only way of contact is through e-mail! I wish there were some way to spread the news!!! Perhaps a fb post or youtube blog??!

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    I think Air Canada should be contacted to remove the link from their website first. Surely once they find out how many people have been scammed they won't want to be affiliated in any way? And maybe they have an actual phone number to call...who knows. Hope you get your money back! kennels aren't cheap

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    Reply from Sky Kennel

    Hey guys...I just wanted to let everyone knows that I got my money back. I actually got an e-mail response within 2 days when I asked the company to refund my money! I checked my visa card account and indeed I got my money back!!!!

    I'm not sure whether if it was because I posted everywhere that it was a scam (I even wrote to the Canadian fraud services and to the Air Canada service survey!) that I got a response so quick or I have just mistaken it for a scam. My friend did point out that perhaps it is a small company and that it may be the reason why that they only have an email contact, no shipment information, no refund policy and slow shipping as some people have said. If some of you are having trouble getting your money back, perhaps this is the way.

    Hopefully this helps everyone!