Adopt this dog ... or we will kill it!

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    Adopt this dog ... or we will kill it!

    Just thought pet owners might get a laugh out of this ... or go ballistic.

    Those among you who remember when it was all fields round here may also recall the famous January 1973 cover of National Lampoon which carried a pic of someone holding a gun to the head of a rather worried looking mutt and the headline "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog".

    Zack the dog as seen on dogsindanger.comWell, a US "nonprofit national shelter outreach program" has decided to adopt the same no-nonsense approach to selling its wares - but in this case it's for real.

    Yes indeed, cue heartstring-tugging stuff down at, where visitors are greeted by a snap of some wretched canine and a reminder of just how long he or she has left before a last walk to the euthanisia room.
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    Not friggin' Lamma no more!

    A harsh reality tastelessly approached, though shock tactics can aften be the final bastion of the desperate. (Actually sounds like a metaphor US/Iraq!).