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    Angry Pet items

    Hey I have 2 medium sized dogs who feast like little monsters. They are also seemingly burning through their toys, leashes, vitamins, heartworm meds, shampoos etc.

    Can someone recommend a good delivery service for dog food/ accessories in the MidLevels area that isn't hugely overpriced? I am looking for premium brands like Royal Canin.

    Carrying their food up the escalator is hurting my back (and my helper never remembers to keep the doggy pantry stocked)

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    we use this website: look at the prices stated on there and see if it meets your expectations or not.

    Royal Canin : [Cat Food,Dog Food,Pet Food,Pet Express]APE Accessories of Pet Express (HK) Ltd. , Free Delivery when order More than $100. - Hotline:24422468

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    You can also try Ive found them reliable for royal canin, treats, toys etc.

    They have a free bday gift offer thru which my dog got a cute gift too )

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    Supplement bought toys and treats with home made solutions such as a block of ice. We put blobs of peanut butter or bits of chicken inside for variety.

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