Got this in the mail from the SCPA and figured that some of you might be interested in voting for them.

Love Ideas ♥ HK集思公益計劃

Hey Guys

Whilst I have all your attention..…the SPCA really needs your help…we need you to vote for our welfare project; once a year the Li Ka Shing Foundation holds “Love Ideas” where you can vote for various charities…

If enough people vote for us we can get up to $300K for our new adoption and education project in StanleyÂ…itÂ’s a really worthwhile project and that money would go a huge way to running it! Voting is fierce and every vote is vitalÂ….I promise the fund would be used wisely!

See below for the messageÂ…itÂ’s simple takes less than one minuteÂ…please forward this e-mail to your family and friends!!!
Call 3699 8800, follow the instructions and enter the project number “903056”

Thanks a lot for your help from the animals!!