Hello all,

Have any persons can help for poor dogs? Because we will be going to dogs kennel again Jan 2008. Have you space time if you wants to visit or hope to care poor dogs? Please join us together.

Work procedure: help for dogs kennel to carry goods and materials, we will receive donate an enclosure for repair of dog kennel. (Have any goods and materials (hardware) if you can borrow us?) So, we need more male for help us and help for dog washing.

Meeting Date: 05 or 06 Jan 2008

Meeting Time: 2:00pm 05 Jan 2008 (Sat) or

1:45pm 06 Jan 2008 (Sun)

Meeting place: Yuen Long West Rail Station near Hang Seng automated teller machine.

Destination: Yuen Long near at Kam Tin.

Please see below a goods and materials if you can donate us for help dog?

1. Frontline,

2. Worm and Flea Killer,

3. Hemostasis medicine,

4. Heartgard plus…etc (help for dogs)

Have any question? Please contact us.
Thank you very much.

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