NEED HELP, Please please

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    NEED HELP, Please please

    Hi dear Forum Friends,

    i have following problem...

    i live in shanghai and have a dog (chihuahua)
    now i want to move to australia, but australia doesnt allow direct import from china. at least prior 6 month in a country with xxx standards...
    so the solution is hongkong or singapore

    the only 2 offerts i could get are 5500 - 6000 USD for taking care the whole transport, i would see my dog (if he still live by then...) after 9 month in australia
    now i am a bit broke... and i caint wait 9 month without seeing him.

    my idea was, i will take the train to shenzhen, and take my dog with me

    than i find a pet care center which arrange the blood screenings etc and send them to hongkong, after everything is all right, i wanted (plan but dunno possible or not) take the subway or fairy, import my dog (with all the documents) and bring him to the quarantine center
    i would have to find a pet center which take care of him, with daily or monthly rates ( i found one, 30HKD/day)

    and so, i would wonder around in shenzhen to pick him up and bring him here and there to save the money for those kind of services, wait there half year till he has permition for australia, pick him up in hongkong and fly to australia directly

    who knows how long quarantine he has to stay in hongkong, how much would that be in cash?

    or any help from agencys which are quite cheap doing this? any other ideas?

    i want to thank you all for the time

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    AFCD Import of Dogs and Cats

    Here is a link to the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department website. The AFCD is responsible for import permits into HK for dogs and they should be able to better answer your questions. I believe the minimum quarantine period to bring a dog into HK from China is 4 months. The AFCD should be able to provide info on quarantine centers and costs. Be careful though, some of the quarantine facilities are not nice.