Any rabbit owners

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    Any rabbit owners

    Hi all,

    I am moving to Hongkong and my rabbit is coming with me. I just want to know if anyone in hongkong has a rabbit and if so what vet do you use? and is there a good pet store to get good quality rabbit food, toys, housing ect?

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    You are aware that there are various veterinary and other, er, hoops to jump through to do this? (For example you must have a certificate that the rabbit has been kept indoors for the previous 6 months.) You can't just bring your rabbit as carry-on baggage.

    Start here for the process to get the permits: AFCD Import of Reptiles, Rodents and Miscellaneous Pet Mammals

    Apologies if you already knew this.

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    There are good vets that are trained to care for small animals including rabbits in Hong Kong. Send me a PM is you want details of our vet.

    You will be able to find dry food and toys for rabbits in Hong Kong, but they won't be as available and there will not be as much variety as the US or the UK, etc. Make sure to bring a good amount of your rabbit's dry food with you so that you have enough until you find a food good supplier in HK. There is a pet store in North Point next to the Pets Central veterinary practice that I remember carrying a lot of small mammal items.