Reputable Yorkie Breeders?

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    Reputable Yorkie Breeders?

    Hi all,
    I am looking to bring home a yorkie (either older puppy or few years in age) and I'm curious if anyone knows of any reputable breeders for Yorkies or teacup yorkies. Also if anyone is aware of anyone that is looking for a home for their yorkie please let me know. I'd also be open to giving a home to another type of small dog, but yorkie is my first choice.

    Thank you,

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    The HK Kennel Club may be able to help locate a breeder, but being registered with the KC does not mean the breeder is great. Probably is a step in the right direction though...

    HK Dog Rescue has homed several yorkies in the past year. The small dogs tend to go into foster homes and don't always end up on the web site, so it may be worth calling and letting them know what you're interested in. They can also keep you in mind should a yorkie show up.

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    thank you both!