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    Question Seeking a Springer Spaniel

    I would like to find a reputable springer spaniel breeder in Australia that will ship a puppy to Hong Kong. Its hard to find springers here. Does anyone have any advice on how to find a good Australian breeder?

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    Can I ask why you have chosen a springer? I am not trying to second guess or offend you, but my last dog was a springer spaniel (in NZ), and I would have thought there weren't a particularly well suited breed to HK - adults require LOTS of exercise (breeders and experts say optimum is 1-2 hours intensive exercise per day - running, etc), they can be very clingey and susceptible to separation anxiety, and probably most significantly, are keen barkers, and will bark for seemingly no other reason that to hear themselves!

    That being said, they are lovely dogs, super friendly, great with kids and water, I loved mine very much. Every dog is different, just thought it wouldnt hurt to hear feedback from a fellow owner!

    You have asked about springers, so I guess you have considered adopting from the SPCA etc. If you really do want a springer, a good place to start is the local associations, e.g. the English Springer Spaniel Association of NSW (google search them) - they will point you in the right direction of reputable breeders. Another good source is the Dogz Online website - Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dogs of Australia - a site where breeders will post notices of litters, and from which you can contact them. These breeders are largely reputable, and the websites also lists the credentials of each kennel, so you can see pictures of their dogs, and how well known/successful it is. When you contact the breeder you will also get a sense of whether they are good - what questions they ask, what questions they are willing to answer, etc.

    Most breeders are happy to send to HK, providing that you answer all the usual questions as to suitability and commitment to owning, etc.

    Good luck, I hope you find your new family member!

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    Thank you

    Thank you for for the websites and advice. I've actually lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years and had two springers here - living in a country park beside water - so good environment for a springer! I love the fact they need the exercise, so do I!