Dogs in Wan Chai

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    Dogs in Wan Chai

    My dog is coming over this week from the US and wondering of any good areas to bring her in Wan Chai ? Either pet stores/eateries/parks/get togethers ?


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    Not in Wan Chai but if you ever make it to Sai Kung, make sure you bring your dog along. I was there a couple weekends ago and I have never seen so many dogs in one place in Hong Kong before. It seems like everyone was bringing their dogs out to "show off"

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    Thanks all..

    I've never been to Sai Kung but heard it a hike and a half just to get there ? Especially traveling with a dog from Wan Chai .. I don't mind traveling a bit, my dog is from NYC and we traveled all the time on subways/buses to head to uptown/downtown/Brooklyn/Westchester but I guess we'll have to check the distance.

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    As alluded to by cocorosie above the WanChai Dog Park/Promenade whatever it's called would be the obvious place in Wan Chai. It's near the SPCA/Wan Chai Ferry Pier.

    There are plenty of pet shops etc in Wan Chai/Causeway Bay. There's a Japanese pet shop on about 5 floors in the street that runs behind Sogo, for example. Has a couple of floors of kack to buy, a grooming place, a restaurant where you can take your dog and they even used to have a dog pool on the roof if you like that sorta thing.

    It's also surprisingly easy to hike up into the hills from Wan Chai if you want to get into the countryside. The hike from Wan Chai to Aberdeen is quite pleasant, for example.

    Yeah, it's a bit of a trek out to Sai Kung with a dog. If you want to travel to somewhere rural with dog in tow from HK side then your best bet is to take a taxi to the ferry pier and hop on a ferry to Lantau. Alternatively, we were over on Park Island the other Sunday on business and there were a lot of people bringing dogs over on the ferry for the day. Dogs can run around freely there, there's a small beach and there are restaurants where you can sit whilst your dog runs around. Unfortunately the restaurants are all pretty grim, however.

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    Wow.. Thanks for the detail. I will def be hitting some of those spots. Great info !!

    Thanks to all.

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    On the waterfront a few mins walk towards Causeway Bay from Wanchai star ferry peir is a very nice purpose designed dog park with surely the best view for a dog park in the world.If i had a dog here thats where i would head to