Dogs stores and questions

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    Dogs stores and questions

    I am want to buy a pure Labrador puppy from HK but I couldnt find any petshop here during my 4 months here in HK.

    where can I find a good pet shop that can get me pure Lab Puppy? I live in Hung hum

    plus i want to take the puppy with me to Dubai how can i do this, i heard i have to keep my dog somewhere for like 2 months to get an approval is it true?

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    Ohhh, please don't buy any puppies from pet shops!! Most of the dogs for sale, if not all, are from puppy mills and the parents suffer horrible conditions. Diseases may not be apparent in the puppies till you bring them home.

    Where do puppies come from?

    Please check out the HKDR - it's so much better to adopt a dog. They have so many Labradors there!

    However if you want a puppy, you will have to do some research and contact a reputable breeder. A good and responsible breeder will NEVER sell their puppies in pet shops because they want to know that their dogs will live in good homes. They will probably screen you heavily before selling you the puppy.