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CORGI puppies

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    CORGI puppies

    Hello everyone,

    New to the city, but looking to have a corgi puppy be included into our family! I was wondering where does one go about in finding reputable breeders in Hong Kong?


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    No such thing as reputable breeders in HK.

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    I would drop the rescue organisations a line. HKdr, lap, spca and see what is available.

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    There are plenty of great dogs available for adoption, please at least visit some rescue centres before supporting puppy mills

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    Well OP, there is always the option of importing a corgi from overseas, assuming the breeder is willing and (more importantly) you fulfill the AFCD requirements for importing a dog into HK:

    AFCD Import of Dogs and Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo:
    No such thing as reputable breeders in HK.
    Had that point confirmed by the SPCA years ago unfortunately.

    Take a look at this page, 4 choices to start with.

    | corgi Archive | Hong Kong Dog Rescue

    There are some lovely dogs here as well.

    LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity
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    The father and mother of the puppies you buy, will always end up miserably waiting to put down or if fortunate enough, waiting to be adopted.. in my opinion it is not the most humane way to get a dog. i would love to suggest you do some research on the breeders cruelty before deciding if buying from breeder is something you really want to do. It would also be a fun learning time with your partner and kids if any, while exploring more ways to having a new family member. I understand animal from shelters might have some pre existing conditions, which require extra care and efforts, but there are also many puppies available for adoption from HKDR in Ap Liu chau.