Our family is looking for a donor for our cat Leia, who has suddenly become severely anaemic and needs a blood transfusion within TODAY or TOMORROW to improve her situation, or even maybe save her life.
Leia is a sweet female cat barely 1.5 years old, this condition has made her skinny and sad - all we want is our beautiful girl back. We have already tried two donors unsuccessfully, one with her brother Luke who sadly does not match her blood type, and one with another donor that proved incompatible.
We are looking for donor cats that must be:
1. Confirmed Type B Blood type
NOTE:The clinic Leia is currently in charges us $1000 to check blood compatibility, and an additional $500 will be charged to check blood type if potential donor's blood type is unknown. Our family has already spent much more than expected trying to save Leia, thus it is unrealistic for us to pay for blood type tests for every potential donor cat with an unknown blood type. Also, as type B blood is relatively rare (around 30% prevalence in cat population), chances are most cats have type A blood.
2. Weighing over 4 kg
3. Have all vaccinations up to date
4. In completely good health
Type B Blood is quite uncommon for cats, only around 30% of cats are of this type. Please spread the word.
If you are able to help, please contact Leia's family at -
9863-9649 (English)
9435-6535 (English/Basic Cantonese)
[email protected]
She is now staying at Peace Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Mongkok, Kowloon.