Looking for a Bunny sitter for a very well behaved rabbit

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    Exclamation Looking for a Bunny sitter for a very well behaved rabbit

    We are desperately seeking someone who can look after our 1 yr old bunny while we are away for 2 weeks (dec 10th to 28th). He is very well behaved and is used to running around the house all day and only being in a cage in the evening (i know this may not be possible, it is only possible for me as I work from home) but because of this he is used to a high level of interaction. He is very cuddly and has never bitten (unless he is very very very excited and gives you a love nip (not often)) He loves to be petted and licks you a lot to show his appreciation. He understands "no" and comes when you call him... he has never been around other animals so I am unsure how he would adjust to this. He is litter trained like a cat.

    Would there be anyone willing to take him over the two weeks? I would much prefer he be with someone... but if it comes down to it I am ok with someone coming to our house once a day to make sure he is ok, fed, cleaned, and loved...with some time to strech his legs and have a run around the house but we live in San po kong area (i know not many people live around here).

    Ideally we are looking for anyone who has rabbit experience (but not necessary) ...room for him to run around..a room with carpet or a fenced in garden balcony.. or roof top.. (he is afraid of slippery floors and can not walk on them.. but this can be solved..) and loves to have bunny cuddles..

    If you are interested please let me know(PM me).. and let me know your price.


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    I left you a pm!!

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    Sent you a PM.