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Dog Breeders in Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislhk
    Thank you all so much for the quick responses! So far, I've checked out the SPCA already and I must say, there wasn't much of a broad spectrum when adopting there. Pretty must all of the purebreds have been on hold already whereas 90% of the shelter was full of mongrels. I'm going to drop some visits to some other animal rescue groups and see how it goes there. Also, can anyone suggest any medium sized breeds that are good family pets with high energy levels, are easy to train and shed and smell minimally?
    I see you are being guided towards a Labrador. There are some good pointers here

    Bringing a dog into your life is based on a connection you will make with the dog itself, and one it will make with you. Please don't discount mixed breeds in favour of a purebred. Puppies will pee and poop until trained, most dogs will shed a bit, some will smell a little (and some a lot, personally some of the smelliest dogs I've met have been labs), especially when wet. There will be accidents at home which need to be forgiven, perhaps even some things chewed up in the early days.

    A rambunctious puppy becomes a happy, settled dog with a lot of human guidance and care. Regular walks, socialization (with people and other dogs) is essential and understanding that no dog is from a formula and one of the best things about a dog is seeing, understanding and loving their very different personalities.
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    I have a friend who has two "hong kong" dogs. The smaller one sounds perfect for you. These dogs have been extremely well trained, are short haired so they don't shed and are so friendly.

    Sorry - the above sounds like an ad for my friends dog, it's not - its to show that a "hong kong" dog (I don't know if this is a breed or not, I didnt think so) would be a great choice - and there are loads of them in shelters because they are so common.

    A lab sounds a bit large for you, but they are lovely dogs. I grew up with a collie - which are absolutely fabulous dogs imho and smaller than a labrador. But they do shed a fair bit of hair! And need a LOT of exercise. My collie was only about half collie - we never knew quite what the other half was - but that never made any difference to us. Mongrels or mixed breeds are often much healthier. Not sure why anyone wants a "pure" breed given the risk of inbreeding. Some of those "features" they breed for are actually very bad for the dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Katherine
    These dogs have been extremely well trained, are short haired so they don't shed and are so friendly.
    I had two cats, a short hair and a long hair one. Both shed. The long hair cat would shed long hairs that are easily spotted. The hairs usually ball up and can be seen and picked easily. The short hair cat would shed hairs that would just sparse everywhere, like dust. They were like tiny pins that would even pin on clothes and are hard to remove.

    Anyway, if you want a dog that does not shed, get a poodle or similar (google for hypoallergenic dogs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natfixit
    The reason why I left that group....when the original moderator was in charge, the forum was ok, but then it was taken over by a gang of Rottweilers and pittbulls. Members were crucified for saying just the wrong thing.....or how one of those feral dogs perceived it. It is like this also on the Singapore Pet Adoption FB forum.
    good to know, thanks!

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    I went on 88db when I first started looking for a Maltese puppy. After a weeks (after the January litter for the breed) I started receiving pictures of Maltese puppies from some of the Breeders. The majority of the breeders appear to be in Yuen Long.

    My wife and I found the one we wanted and will pick up on 9 March.

    The breeder gave us the name and contact for the VET that gave the first vaccination, after we put down a deposit on the one we liked.

    We visited the puppy at the breeder location, and the VET. Second vaccination is on 8 March and the puppy will be microchipped. We pre-paid for an ultrasound of the puppy to make sure all organs are developing properly.

    Overall my experience has been extremely smooth and everyone is really focused on making sure the puppy is healthy and all paperwork is in order.

    take a few weeks if your looking for a pure breed K9, and things will fall into place.

    sure we met a few rude breeders, but they are not all bad like you hear about.

    I’m going to see my little boy on Sunday !! I can’t wait to bring him home once we get a clean bill of health on the 9th.


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