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    Has anyone seen Beneful dry dog food (by Purina) in Hong Kong? My dogs really liked this, but I cannot find it here. One of my dogs has been very unhappy with every dog food that I have tried so far here.

    Also, where is the cheapest place to buy dog food? Are there any large supermarkets that might have more variety than you would find at a Welcome or Park n Shop?

    I am also trying to find martingale collars and cute pet tags. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!


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    Personally, I wouldnot feed my dogs Beneful, given the reviews. There have been recalls. Also, Purina....says it all. Martingale Collars, you can order online from a Singapore company ( I know the founders personally), Loyal.D. They sell online a wide variety of leashes and collars, namely Martingale that are of a very high quality but will not cost the earth.

    On the dog food side, not sure where you live but I do recommend the Aussie brand, Black Hawk for canine fussy eaters two beagles get Acana, plus I cook them semi steamed veggies, raw fruits and give them the odd raw bone. BTW, I do dog sitting at my home, and have boarded some really fussy eaters. Black Hawk satisfies the canine appetite and its not made of fillers and other rubbish.

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    Try, super quick delivery and a wide variety

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    Not particularly cheap, but excellent quality

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    Good practice to have two food brands that work well for your dog. Products go out of stock in HKG all the time and there is also the occasional recall. We had good luck with a combo of Wellness Complete and Blue Buffalo Wilderness.