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Looking to buy / adopt Siamese kitten

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    Looking to buy / adopt Siamese kitten

    Dear Geoxpat community,

    I am looking to buy or adopt a Siamese kitten. They are adorable and i'd like to take care of one.

    I have looked in the shelters but unfortunately cannot find the Siamese breed.

    Does anyone have any advice or a contact to a breeder / shop / institution with the Siamese breed?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Jimmy,

    Here is what I've posted on other threads:

    Please consider adopting, not buying. Hong Kong has many, many kittens and street cats in need of a home. There's no reason to breed extra cats, and the breeding industry is lacks regulation and oversight and as such there is a lot of bad practices. Not an industry to support. If you're interested in a particular breed, with some patience specific ones do come up (dumped by bad breeders or owners). There is a post here with a long list of all the animal charities (it says for dogs, but most of them also have kittens/cats):

    There are some more charities not listed here that specialize in cats, so let us know if you want more recommendations.

    What's most important is that you have a good personality match as this is an animal you're responsible for for its life (20+ years!), and that's easier to do through a charity, as they will have fostered and got to know their cats over time and can tell you more about its personality. Better yet, you can even foster and when there is a foster cat/kitten that's absolutely right for you, you get priority with adopting usually. [Your cat breed choice] are beautiful, but it is a massive, massive commitment, not a handbag.

    Good luck.
    I don't think it's very common for a Siamese-looking cat to show up in the shelters, here. It's more common in Mainland China. But I really suggest you visit the adoption centres or foster and get to know some cats. What's more important is the personality at the end of the day. And when you really love them unconditionally -- as you should as they are your responsibility and a living being -- it doesn't matter how they look -- they will look cute!
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    I have seen some Siamese adult cats on various pet shelter sites- if you are set on a Siamese, adopt an adult cat- some shelters will take requests for breeds and call you when one comes in.

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    but do your research carefully ....
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    We have a Siamese that we 'rescued' from a couple who couldn't care for him anymore... He's been a lovely addition to our family... good luck!