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Relocate with my Cat

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    Thanks @GeoTommy

    I will make sure to check that out!!

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    @MABinPengChau Thanks for sharing, that's what I thought too!
    I do have one more question thought, have you ever heard about cat Feliway, someone told me that it will help calm the cat's emotion but I never use that before, any advise on that?

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    @Natfixit Yes that what I am planning to do too, cause the airport will be super busy during that time and might have a lot of delay as well, thanks for remaindering me!

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    Make sure they get used to the crate before the day of travel. Don't just let it magically appear smelling of new plastic on the morning of the flight.

    Put one of your pre-worn t shirts in with them

    Cover the cage in a throw-away piece of fabric that you can take off at the last minute so the journey to the airport is less stressful

    Write their name in big letters on the front and side of the cage so the people handling them know to use their name. e.g My name is 'Tiddles'

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    @Natfixit Thanks for sharing your experience, I wish I posted this a bit early to I can use the company you recommend, but I made my first payment already hope everything will go smoothly with them and I will post my story after as reference for the others

    I am thinking to pick either CX or Singapore Airline for this trip, but since you recommended CX maybe that's a better choice for me.

    Also yes I heard that the terminal is pretty far way from the airport, since I will go to Singapore next month, I will make sure to check out and go there once to check it out and make sure I won't get lose in the way.

    Thanks again for all your advise!!!! It was very helpful and I feel better to heard some successful story cause I do worry a lot!

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    Thanks for your advise, I am planning to get the cage home like a month and a half before the trip and start to put all his fav toy and snakes in it so he can start to feel that that's a safe space before the trip.

    Also I will put clothes with my smell in it to help he feel less stressful like I am with him. But do you think I should but some cat weed or cat pheromone?

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    Thanks for your sharing and advise. My cat is very needy and get scare easily, so I am trying to do as much as I can to keep things smoothly for him. and yes will make sure to bring a lot of stuff with their scent and your scent!!

    I know they will put the water bottom attach on the cage, but I'm pretty sure he won't go and drink that, so I am wondering how many hours ahead I should stop feeding him before the flight?

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    @Elegiaque @GeoTommy
    Thanks a lot! will make sure to check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selinasuen:
    @Elegiaque @GeoTommy
    Thanks a lot! will make sure to check it out!
    If you would like to get in touch with her if you have questions, let me know. She did it all herself due to save costs.

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    I moved to SG with 3 cats and used Export-a-Pet, my full review here:

    We just moved back from SG to HK last month (my poor cats!) and I used Export-a-Pet again. the agency on the SG side who handled the paperwork and transportation in SG is called Mitchville. My experience with them have also been outstanding.

    My tip for moving to SG is to get the rabies shots and submit for the rabies serology certificate ASAP. everything else will fall into place. Flying cargo for the cats does suck, put an old t-shirt in the crate, give them a bottle water (I doubt they'll drink from it).

    w.r.t. feeding, the relo companies recommended I stopped feeding them 8 hours prior to travel, none of them got sick or pooped in their crates (even on a 14 hour flight from SFO to HK, +6 hours ish for checking in and customs clearance), so it seems that was sound advice.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or send me a PM.

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