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Cats from China to HK - big problem

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    Cats from China to HK - big problem


    Really hoping someone can help me!! We are moving from Shanghai to Hong Kong imminently and I admit I haven't been as on top as I should have the process of moving the two cats we adopted.

    We found a company in China that could do the move but they have been really useless in giving any information re the HK side. I contacted a few providers in HK and they are saying that there is no space in Quarantine until November/December. We are moving in a few weeks and now panic has set in - I am not sure where they would go if they can't get in earlier.

    Are there any workarounds? E.g. companies that can guarantee a space for a higher fee, or taking them via another country?

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Contact either George at International Pet Travel or Dr Gerry Pahl at Petexportvet for advice about moving your cats and you options. You could go via another country, I.e. Taiwan but then again, you have to book quarantine well in advance. You should have begun this 10 months before you move.

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    Hi, just seen this so not sure if you've organised something or not.

    We had the same problem coming to HK from China. Got given very short notice of move and no room at quarantine.

    Had insane quotes from pet movers, who in my opinion of moving animals between countries for 12 years are basic rip off artists. So we did it ourselves.

    Booked quarantine in HK.

    Flew our cats down to Shenzhen where they stayed at Beck and Stone vets until they could get into quarantine.

    On that date you inform the people at HK quarantine that you're coming in and they meet you at the border.

    On the Shenzhen side we put them in a taxi, walked them across the border to be met by the guy from quarantine. Put them straight in a car and went together directly to quarantine.

    I cannot stress enough how well looked after our cats were in quarantine at Pok Fu Lam. The people there are really lovely, you can visit during visiting hours and the cats were very happy, if a little chubby when then came out.

    When we left HK for the UK we also didn't use a pet mover, you can do it yourself.

    Good luck.

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