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Indoor 100% cats?

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    I had an FIV positive cat with another cat, only learned he was FIV positive several months after adoption, no one would take the other cat, other cat was fine, non-FIV positive can live together, not ideal but was not going to sentence either cat to death.

    Have adopted several older cats and my next cat would also be older- you can see the personality at that age as well- not so much in a hyper kitten...some real gems out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimwy66
    I'm curious about this having had many cats, but always with free outside access.

    Now our dear dog has departed we are thinking of getting a cat. Any tips for entertaining them, keeping them fit as indoor only cats?
    For our cat (adopted from the SPCA as a kitten):

    1. we hide some her "special" biscuits in a different place each morning - it's up to her to find them
    2. various toys - some work better than others and we have to keep refreshing the inventory but something with feathers on the end of a piece of string on the end of short stick (like fly fishing) has been a long standing favourite. If you don't mind donating a little blood to the cause every now and again, a foot moving under a sheet makes good pouncing practice
    3. accept the fact that the furniture will get shredded
    4. they like to climb so having places like shelves and wardrobes they can jump on to
    5. they like to sunbathe so a window bench or similar is a popular place for naps
    6. they need somewhere to hide where they can feel secure - cupboards, boxes, shoe cabinets etc can all do

    Hope it goes well.

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    Have a 14 years old cat. always been living indoor here and anD in Singapore. He is fine. I just need to sit on the floor watching tv when he decided the sofa is his. Beside that. He is totally fine living inside

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