I'm leaving Hong Kong in July to get married to my fiance in the States. However, because my work visa runs out at the end of July and our visa will not be ready by then, I will have to return to the UK to work for a few months until our fiance visa comes through.

My lovely cat jessie came with me from the UK and has been with me for 12 years. I don't really want to upheave her to the uk and then over to the states....so I would rather find a foster home here for her for a few months, until I come back for my final interview, then take her with me to the states. She has had all her injections, including rabies, neutured, very house trained....does NOT claw furniture....thank heavens.....very clean.

She is a lovely lovely cat. She is very affectionate and has as lovely personality. She is getting on a bit now, so basically sleeps a lot and waddles around my apartment chatting. She is a little fatty too..!!!

She does take medication, just a few drops of liquid in her food everyday as she has arthritis....but she still gets around fine. She has one eye.....as she lost the other one about 10 years ago now, but again, she is a fit little fiddle and I will miss her sooooo much.

Can anyone recommend a foster parent who is reliable. Jessie doesn't do well if she is penned in, so could not put her in kennels.

If anyone is interested, I have lots and lots of pictures.....or someone could come and meet her.

Thanks a million......