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    Acuarism as a business

    Hi Guys!!

    I completely agree with Bungle...research first!!! cuz after all it is rewarding, you'll enjoy it.
    I started on this matter 3 years ago, when I traveled to Iquitos (Peru's jungle). I Have my own aquarium, with many species of fishes (that's was my first big error !! :S ), but on the way I learned and not stop learning step by step. I still keep impressed by all kind of fishes nature can give us, with different characteristic, color, behaviour..That's why I decide to start a business on this topic, obvioysly with help of some exporters.

    I ' ve saw a very big not remember how in centemeter was big...but i calculate that the long of this amazing animal was 90 cms and I am not couting its tail...i fell in love of this :

    I've asked to a relative friend about tong choi street and he did know about this.

    I'm also doing a plan exporter about this fact and
    I have a question for all of you..please I hope you can answer just to give me an idea...

    I mean, you buy 1, 7 or 9 fish every 6 months, maybe year??

    - CAN YOU GIVE ME AN STIMATE of how many acuarist shop are in hong kong? maybe 20 or 30 shops?

    can anyone be so kindly to answer me?

    I'd appreciate your reply---

    pd: my personal email is [email protected] if U are instered on mu topic, pls add me

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    I've got a fish tank that's been sitting around gathering dust for a number of years. It's about 50cm square and 40cm high. It's got polystyrene underneath to protect the glass bottom.

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    I went to Bubbles Aquarium in the end, a little pricey perhaps (not really sure though!). So far so good. It's been a month and the 9 little fish all seem pretty happy and healthy! He was super helpful, very informed and passionate. I got the feeling he was a pretty decent seller and guy, so I would recommend him to other newcomers to the fish keeping world. He will also come and set up for you although we felt confident enough to do it ourselves. ;-)

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    is it neccesary to use a ph/ammonia tester? or can you just change the water often ( every 2 weeks)

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    Rosieglow.....................where is this aquarium shop?

    Imparanoic.........firstly, you perhaps should be changing the water probably more often - depending on the size of your tank and the bioload your fishes are creating. But in every case, you should be checking the water regularly for pH, Ammonia, Nitrites and nitrates. I usually check my nitrates and Ph every 2 days - and if there are any noticeable fluctuations - I can respond accordingly. If the nitrates are stable (for me - that's around 15), then I only check the ammonia and nitrites about every 2 - 3 weeks. But once I see any alarming drop in the nitrates - that's a sure sign something is wrong. In which case, the ammonia & nitrites need to be checked immediately, and daily if any presence is detected. That's just happened to me - and I'm not sure why. But my nitrates fell to a level of 5, and when I checked for ammonia - sure enough - I have a small, but unwelcome presence of ammonia.
    If you have live plants - then you should also be checking other parameters, like Kh, to measure the presence of carbon Dioxide.

    Be careful which test kits you use, too. Not all are accurate, I found.
    Also, you need to check your levels in the tap water. For example, my tap water reads 10 on the nitrate scale. So, if I have the same reading in my tank - then I'm actually generating ZERO. That's why I aim for 15 - 20 - then I know I am producing a healthy colony of nitrates in there.

    Good luck!

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