Chinchilla care

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    Chinchilla care

    Now i've read a lot about chinchilla's as my little neice has one. She has asked me take care of it temporarily over the summer. I
    was curious to know if anyone has any tips or tricks to make them adapt to you quicker, as in trust you because I have read it is
    a. difficult to gain their trust and
    b. even harder to re-gain it if you should loose it.

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    I'm also new to keeping chinchillas as I just adopted an abandoned one a couple of weeks ago. I've only read 1 book which I borrowed from the library.

    I suppose the best thing to do is to let it sleep during the day and not to disturb them. If you need to do the cleaning out of the cage or feed him, do these things when he is awake. And do these things gently and as quiet as possible. Also don't try to do any picking up or try to pet him if he is not used to it. Let him check you out.

    One last tip, it's really from a friend... when you give a chinchilla his dust bath, use a container with a cover. This way, you can minimize the dust you get in your house. I found this tip extremely useful!!