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    Hi Fiona

    You can try Ree-Yong's designed products:
    REE-YONG | COPENHAGEN dog dinnerset

    Is that the raised dog food and water bowl that you have in mind? I believe the dog beds she designed are for sale at Whiskers and Paws (where I bought a dog bed for my beagle but got chewed by my labrador cross :| )

    If you live at mid-levels, you can also try Dear Dogs and Cats at Bonham Road; they don't sell pets at all and in fact, Kirsten (one of the old founders of HKDR) has her adoption Sundays for cats and dogs there. The shop also has a large grooming area and the lady boss is lovely.

    So glad to hear that you are taking an active stance NOT to buy from pet shops which support puppy farms!

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    Hi flubber

    I just won't support anything to do with puppy milling.....I still can't get that poor husky out of my mind.

    Yes, I've been in touch with W&P and will be making a visit this Sunday as they assure me they have a variety of feeders.

    The Ree-Yong products are gorgeous and am hoping they have that as an option. I'll also keep the Bonham Road shop in mind for now and later. It's so good to know of the non-dog-selling options.

    Oh yes, dogs that chew.....I've had a few of those in my day. My dog's brother (I found them both on the street in Tenerife 9 years ago) who is now living in Sweden used to chew through Lupo's leash as a puppy and then sit there wondering why Lupo was running free and he was still restrained. A beautiful dog but very duh at times Out of the two. Lupo definitely has the brains!

    Thanks again for your help!

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    I live on gough street and there's this pet shop near us! It's more like a pet boutique, has very posh decoration. . They don't sell pets. Which its great. They even have this homemade treat for dogs.

    I think the name is call Pawet Or Pawete. I will check when I walk past tomorrow.

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    I just tried the one wtbhotia mentioned, and I think it was my first and last order from me, coz it was the first time, instead of getting delivery to my doorstep, they asked me to go and wait for them in the street because the driver didn't know where to park!!! (right next to my building there is a public parking ground @@") and it was 10pm at night. for sure they don't want to spend extra parking fee too. and the delivery date was 1 week after i placed my order.

    or they shld just say.. "deliver to the street right in front of ur building"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiona in HKG:
    I'm looking for a full set of supplies for my dog who is finally joining me later this month.

    I spent some time yesterday doing the Victory Avenue experience but had to give up as everywhere sells dogs and cats, not just supplies and the turning point, and one which brought me to tears, was a husky in a cage barely large enough for it, running in circles and yelping. I went to speak to it and it had the maddest look in its eyes, stopping only for a second to look at me before starting the circling and yelping again.

    So, I'm after some raised feeding bowls, a nice bed and other bits and pieces. Is there anywhere online or at where they don't actually participate in this awful puppy farming business.

    Thanks so much!


    Fish markets @ mongkok ...Everything is there

    For online stuff.. Ape is pretty good. And they deliver to central for free.

    [貓糧,狗糧,寵物用品,寵物食品]寵物用品速遞(香港)有限公司APE Accessories of Pet Express (HK) Ltd. , 購買滿$100即可免費送貨-速遞熱線:24422468

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