Russian tortoise

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    Russian tortoise

    hi all!
    i would really like to have a russian tortoise, but i have no idea where to get them in hong kong. if anyone knows, please help me!!
    thank you.

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    Kwai Tsing

    hi mauvegal,

    i can give you my turtle but i think it's a red eared slider, ( i'm not really sure) its shell is 6 inches in length. i'm going back home for good.
    if you're interested , call me , 63363799. joanne.

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    Hi Joanne,
    thank you very much for the offer,
    but i dont think i would like your turtle.
    Thank you very much!

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    Oct 2009

    hey there, i know where u can get one. do u wanna get a indian star, which is captive bred., i hve one. 5yrs old, fully vet checked with full vivarium n stuff
    if keen, call me at 92871746, sean