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    I have a little bird that needs its nails and wings clipped. Anyone know of an English speaking shop that can do this? I live in San Po Kong and work in Kowloon-Tong. Looking for someplace nearby.


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    Don't know any shops, but I know a roaming English vet who does house-calls. I have cats and I get check-ups from him. I've been very happy with the service. Obviously you pay a premium, but the pets get everything done at home and don't have to be transported (which is great for cats!). I'm not sure if getting a birds nails & wings clipped is something you would go to a vet for (pardon my ignorance!), but this gives you an option. You could always combine with a health check I guess.
    Here's the info:

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    Thank you, Nina. I've sent them an email.

    Appreciate the tip.


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    Katharine, did you end up finding a place to groom your bird and get its wings clipped? I just got a pair of lovebirds and have similar needs.

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    It's always the way. You teach your bird to speak English, thinking it'll appreciate it, then it starts demanding an English-speaking nail-clipper so that it can have a chat while it's having its nails clipped.