Housing that accepts a cat

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    Housing that accepts a cat

    Hello all. There are many posts on the forum for getting pets to HK. This seems pretty easy from the USA.

    However most of the lease flats we see online say no pets (at least at LJHooker, etc). Do you have suggestions of nice places (but <25k HK/mo) that would accept a cat?

    Do we really need to discuss it with the landlord, or could we perhaps just move in without discussing it?

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    >> just move in without discussing it?

    Could be a bad idea, given that many management companies will not allow pets in the building.

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    I have never had problems with our cat even though there are signs up everywhere saying pets are not allowed in our estate. Dogs seem to be more of a problem as they can be noisy so unless you are renting a fully furnished flat and the landlord is worried about his furniture being ripped to sheds by the cat I think you should be OK. Best to just check with the landlord first and hope they are not confused and panicking about Civit Cats and SARS